Galeria d'art contemporani ZEL

Salutacions a tots i totes. A partir d'ara la secció d'art de ilmigliorfabro es trasllada al site de la galeria ZEL. Una galeria virtual d'art contemporani que començarà a funcionar a partir del mes d'octubre i on s'hi oferirà una exposició virtual trimestral (octubre-desembre, gener-març, abril-juny i juliol-setembre); una mostra seleccionada d'artistes internacionals; i un espai de venda d'obra.
Si voleu veure com es construeix el projecte i informar-vos sobre les condicions d'exposició i venda d'obra, ja podeu visitar-la: http://www.tinet.org/~webzel/newwebzel/. No dubteu a enviar sugeriments, crítiques, col·laboracions, etc. Moltes gràcies a tots i una forta abraçada.



Eberhard Havekost

Car parc 4, 2001. Oil on Canvas, 90 x 180

Eberhard Havekost (born 1967 in Dresden, Germany) is an artist based in Dresden and Berlin. He studied at Hochschule für Bildende Künste in Dresden from 1991-1996.
He has shown work in many exhibitions such as at Anton Kern Gallery in New York, at Art Basel and Galerie Gebruder Lehmann in Dresden. Havekost has also exhibited at galleries and museums including the Walker Art Center in America, Galerie Jennifer Flay in France and White Cube in London, England. He is represented by Anton Kern in New York and Galerie Gebruder Lehmann in Dresden.



Zhang Haiying

Anti-Vice Campaign Series-005, 2007. Oil on canvas, 200 x 300 cm

Zhang Haiying (born 1972) is an artist based in Songzhuang, China.
Zhang was born in
Beijing. He is a painter. His Anti-Vice Campaign series is based on images taken from the internet of women involved in the Chinese government’s crackdown on prostitution and pornography. However, in paintings shown at Art Beijing 2007, Zhang began to move away from the previous socio-political themes present in his work.
He graduated in 1997 from the Fine Arts Department of
Shang Dong Academy of Fine Arts.

Dee Ferris

White Wash, 2004. oil on canvas183 x 321

Dee Ferris, born 27 December 1973 in Paulton, Somerset, is a British painter.
Ferris has participated in group exhibitions at
Saatchi Gallery, London, Taka Ishii Gallery, Tokyo, Tate Britain, London, City Gallery Prague, Prague, Prague Biennale, Prague, Andrea Rosen Gallery, New York, and the Royal Academy. She has had solo shows at Taro Nasu Gallery, Tokyo and Corvi-Mora, London.
Her works are held in the UBS art collection in London and the Saatchi Gallery.


Stairway to Heaven · versió Rodrigo i Gabriela a l'Olympia

Els oficis d'Ovidi Montllor

The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock · TS Eliot

Marlene Dumas

Jule-die Vrou, 1985. Oil on canvas 125x105

Marlene Dumas was born in Cape Town, South Africa. She studied at the University of Cape Town from 1972 to 1975 and moved to the Netherlands on a scholarship when she was 23. She's been living in Amsterdam for many years.
She often uses reference material of
polaroid photographs of her friends and lovers, whilst she also references magazines and pornographic material. Marlene Dumas also paints portraits of children and erotic scenes to impact the world of contemporary art. She has said that her works are better appreciated as originals since many of her smaller sexual works are very intimate.
She has also worked with students, finding that "teaching [is] a very important thing, and not only because I teach [the students] things, but also because we have a dialogue, and you see what you really want. You find things out. I still believe in the Socratic dialogue. Art is really something that you learn from being around people."

Her first major American museum exhibition, a midcareer retrospective entitled "Measuring Your Own Grave", opened in June 2008 at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles. (Wikipedia)


Les millors fotos del viatge a Escandinàvia 2008

Aquí teniu les millors fotos del viatge a Escandinàvia
Aquí tenéis las mejores fotos del viaje a Escandianavia